Wednesday, 26 September 2012

top knot

The humble top knot is one of my go-to hair styles. It's low key and effortless but can also really make an outfit. It's a hairstyle any girl can easily achieve and can be worn in a multitude of ways. From a sleek, polished bun for a sophisticated and office-friendly look, to a cute, messy 'cool girl' top knot. Low, high, on the side - high fashion doesn't have to be fussy. Especially when you're having a bad hair day. Plus this is possibly one of the only hairstyles that can keep my curly hair in check (although I am constantly checking whether a mischievous curl is poking out). Anyway, this top knot tumblr has re-fuelled my love of buns of all shapes and sizes.
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  1. that first picture! wow, but i love them all

  2. i never feel like i can pull the top knot off, i wish i could