Monday, 17 September 2012

marios schwab s/s 2013

This is the first Spring/Summer collection that has really wowed me. At the risk of sounding like Miranda Priestly, I am pretty sick of the sight of ditsy florals and white minimalism for S/S, hardly ground breaking. Marios Schwab's collection appeared edgy and cool in comparison. Vogue appropriately described the collection as a show of "Amazonian Warriors", armed with black war paint and leather fringing to boot. I can almost hear Tyra Banks screaming from the fourth row (or wherever she's placed now) at how FIERCE these girls are looking.

The first model on the catwalk really set the tone of the collection. A floaty, mesh covered dress with an underlay of red poking through the black sheer fabric. Topped off with black leather fringing and sleek styling (poker straight hair and centre partings), this is masculine chic at its best. It's all about contrasts. Leather accents with soft pleating, beading, and feminine cuts. I really enjoy the cream dress with the hexagon print, even if it instantly reminded me of the 90s board game Blockbusters. Regardless, I would wear this collection in a heartbeat, good one Schwab!

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  1. oh boy, I love that make up. actually kind of reminds me of 'black swan'

  2. Those shoes are pretty impressive. I especially like the last outfit. Not a massive fan of orange but that dress just works.

    You should definitely have a go at selling if you get the chance. It's a great confidence boost

  3. I completely agree. The whole floral and minimalism thing is such a snore. This print, however, kind of reminds me of something I'd see in an organic chemistry textbook...and I love that. It looks so modern, so smart, and interesting.

    Great Post :)

    1. Your right, it definitely looks like some sort of chemical construction!