Friday, 31 May 2013

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

girl, you've got style

I tend to gravitate towards less polished editorials. My favourite editorials are paired back, relaxed and the model generally looks like she's having fun. I love the casual 90s vibe here, especially with the bomber jackets, I'm still pining over them. I just love the silhouette.
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Friday, 10 May 2013

solange - locked in closets

Solange is such a babe. I adore her True EP and Losing You is still one of my favourite jams. I captured a couple of screengabs from a teaser of her latest video for Locked in Closets. Instantly I was inspired by Solange's unique ability to wear colour and clash prints effortlessly. 
Summer inspiration found.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

site share #1: sous style

Sous Style is my perfect kind of zine. Not that I read a lot, but this one is packed full of fun, informative features on home, food and lifestyle. Sous Style's headmistress Pippa Lord is based in Brooklyn which already gives the website serious cool points from the word go. You only need to read their Manifesto once to know that these sassy girls don't take themselves too seriously. Updated daily, Sous Style is laden with high-res images and interesting links which send me clicking off in different directions. I particularly like the 'Round up of the six things you NEED to see today' - yes of course, I needed to see Vogue Uk's article on modern art deserts (actually I really really did).

One of my favourite features include Birthday babe' [pictured above] dedicating a recipe to a celebrity's birthday. Using off-hand quotes from celebs inspires a brownie and honeycomb ice cream cake (YUM) for Lady Gaga, the French 76 for Kate Moss, and a baked sweet potato for Oprah. Oh and they don't only whip up witty celeb trivia, the 'Organise the chaos' section is brimming full of hints and tricks from nifty spring cleaning tips, to a guide on spring house plants. They also do some of the best countdowns ever - The 10 Best Egg-Topped Dishes - really? I'm hooked [side note: I love a top five/ten/twenty - I don't really care what you're counting down to, I just really want to see what's number 1]. The 'I Want It' page leaves me wanting hamburger wrapping paper, Brad Pitt on a pillow (not in that way), and pink ombre wooden spoons. Honestly, this site is dangerous.