Thursday, 27 June 2013

site share #2: into the gloss

Into The Gloss is hands-down my favourite beauty website. It may be obvious from my blog that I'm a fashion obsessive, but recently I've started to get into in all things beauty. Unlike many beauty websites, ITG doesn't just shamelessly advertise cult beauty products you 'have to buy', more often it captures how women relate to beauty, and it's part in our lifestyle. ITG shares compelling beauty experiences such as My First Prom, enviable beauty regimes of inspirational women, non-patronizing how-to guides, and oodles of hair inspiration to boot. Oh and the fact that it's written in a witty, intelligent fashion AND run by the beautiful Emily Weiss (founding editor) keeps me clicking every week to get my latest ITG fix.

My top picks? A very serious discussion about Hairy ChestsThe Wonderful World of Braids, Anja Bubik's top shelf picks, Who to Follow on Instagram (just for first photo really), and a informative brief on Hair Products: What, Why and How-To. I could go on and on, but for your sake I won't.
Oh oh but How to Clean Your Face is a must watch.

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