Sunday, 17 February 2013

topshop unique fall 2013 rtw

You've got to hand it to Topshop, they really have thought of innovative ways of bringing LFW to the mass of fashion obsesses. Topshop's Youtube channel affirms their desire to transform the 'future of the fashion show'. Watching the Topshop Unique show was a pleasant experience; the vast, grey, concrete surroundings of the Tate Modern became the perfect backdrop for the trail of cool Unique models stomping down the catwalk. A couple of other snazzy features set Topshop's live streaming apart from others: models were installed with hidden cameras so the viewer could truly view the show through the eyes of a model. Additionally, the option to 'shoot the show' with personal screen grabs which could be shared on various social networking sites, was a neat touch. I'm not sure if this will be the future of fashion, but I admire the high-street hero's attempts of shaking things up in the fashion world.
Anyway, back to the show. The highlight of the show were most definitely the midi skirts. A fifties silhouette made modern paired  with bare midriffs, slouchy jackets and the use of sequins and PVC (a little tacky, but in a good way). They were scattered all over the catwalk and ruled over it's mini counterpart by being polished as well as sexy. The use of powder pink took me by surprise, but even more so when I realised such a girly colour can look edgy. It's something, I feel, only a brand like Topshop can do well.

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