Sunday, 4 November 2012

inspiration #3: ankle socks

To me, styling is all about the little details. It’s the little quirks and attention to detail which I admire most about great outfits. Ankle socks are one of my little pleasures I like to indulge in during winter. It’s a necessity which can easily become an accessory. I’m especially enjoying the combination of socks and trousers, masculine styling with a bit of fun. Whether choosing to go bold with a pair of neon socks, or a more muted autumnal colour, I think we should pay more attention to the humble sock. Show them off - roll up your jeans or trousers, wear them on top of tights, the possibilities are endless. So, when you’re choosing your socks tomorrow morning, go crazy, dig out your best socks [ribbed, striped, glittery…] and wear them with pride. I promise you, it will make you smile.
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  1. I love brightly coloured socks!

  2. The final girls trousers are amazing, and I totally agree about the ankle socks - they are such a fun way to add a twist to an outfit :)

    Rose xo